quinta do fundo turismo rural em mondim de basto


Describing the natural beauty of Mondim de Basto, the richness of its heritage, its gastronomy, will be enough to guarantee the visitor the desire to know this territory and live unique experiences.

But this municipality is much more than the beautiful hillsides that surround it and the products of its land. It is a reflection of the love and unity of each family that grew up here, sharing stories over several generations.

Our family is one of those who have learned to love this territory and these people and have experienced a special history here.

And it is this love, this connection to the land, that we are eager to share with you. That is why we created this project. Because we believe in the potential of Mondim de Basto to become a tourist destination of excellence.

By its nature. For its people.

And so we look forward to people visiting Mondim de Basto having fantastic experiences and wanting to come back soon. We defined that the project will only be successful if people leave Quinta do Fundo with an open smile, wanting to come back. And from there our VISION was born:

make everyone who visits us happier

To this end, in addition to the differentiating concept, we will always be guided by the values we define for the project:

  • the service must be carried out with a customer-focused attitude, seeking to exceed the customer’s expectations.
  • economic and financial sustainability, ethics, transparency and rigor are the pillars of our management.
  • through partnerships with the local community we contribute to the well-being of the community
  • respect for nature will be one of the pillars of the management of Quinta do Fundo
  • we have developed a strong ability to adapt to change and respond through innovative solutions that add value to customers and the organization.