Green wine

Wines 'Quinta do Fundo'


Quinta do Fundo - White

Quinta do Fundo - Red

Flavour - Dry Flavour - Dry
Aroma - Fruity Aroma - Fruity
Casta - Azal Branco (70%) e Pedernã (30%)  
Elaboration - Defecção / Clarificação ; Controle das Temperaturas Elaboration - Maceration
The Green wine is unique in the world. A light and fresh wine, naturally produced in the demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes, in northwestern Portugal, a coastal region geographically well located for the production of excellent white wines.
Low-alcohol, and therefore less calories, Vinho Verde is a fruity wine, easy to drink, excellent as aperitif or harmonization with snacks and balanced.
The striking pattern and originality of these wines is the result, on the one hand, soil characteristics, climate and socio-economic factors of Região dos Vinhos Verdes, and, secondly, of the peculiarities of the region's indigenous varieties and forms of cultivation of vines. These factors results in a light and fresh wine naturally, unlike other wines in the world.