Fridão Dam

Fridão Dam

The construction of Fridão dam is planned for the coming years.

Right in front of the 'Quinta do Fundo' will be born a great albufeira, that will change the overview of the region.
There are three ponds adjacent and therefore, the network of roads, bridges, access to the A4, A7, riparian zones, etc., will suffer major improvements.

Such a situation can now be viewed by going to the dams of high potential of INAG, Fridão, in the area of Mondim de Basto and Vilar de Viando.

The 'Quinta do Fundo' space is perfectly visible and well located.

If the existing tourist potential (Sra. da Graça / Monte de Farinha, Parque Natural do Alvão, Fisgas do Ermelo) adding the reservoirs, we get an important touristic poster of great beauty, that we willl want to enjoy in the near future.

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